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Services We Provide for Home Clients

Filthy Cleaning offers an elite cleaning team to perform residential cleaning for your home. Customize your cleaning schedule on a daily, weekly, monthly or even casual basis, depending on your individual needs.

We provide a wide array of house cleaning services, as listed below. We can cater to other tasks not included here, just let us know what it is you need and we will let you know if it’s within our scope and expertise.

Living Room

  • Clean Pictures
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Clean Fireplace
  • Clean Tables
  • Dust Chairs
  • Dust Surfaces
  • Polish Brass/Silver
  • Vacuum Carpet
  • Wash Windows (Inside)
  • Wipe Window Ledges


  • Clean Stove Top
  • Wipe Outside Cabinets
  • Clean Inside Cabinets
  • Clean Inside Microwave
  • Clean Out Fridge
  • Clean Oven
  • Wipe Outside of Oven
  • Clean Sink
  • Wash Up
  • Wash Windows (inside)
  • Wipe Washing Machine
  • Wipe Tumble Dryer


  • Clean Bath/Sink
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Clean Shower Cabinet
  • Clean Tile/Surfaces
  • Clean Taps
  • Clean Toilet
  • Wash Floor


  • Clean Mirrors
  • Clean Pictures
  • Dust Surfaces
  • Dust Cabinets
  • Change Sheets
  • Make Beds
  • Polish Brass/Silver
  • Vacuum Carpets
  • Wipe Window Ledges

If you’re looking for commercial cleaning and want to see the task list for commercial services, please visit our commercial task list page.

To schedule your tailored cleaning, get in touch with Filthy Cleaners by calling our team at            (604) 719-1462 or by contacting us through our online contact form.